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The world does not want me to swim this summer. =/ Boo hiss boo on the weather. But it was nice to hang out with Brooke for a little bit, even if we were both tired and a little useless.

Dad's dog ate my bread. She crawled up onto the kitchen counter, gods-only-know-how, and ate my damn bread. I am not well pleased. I was up very late making it, and it was good, and now there is no bread in the house. >_< Also, I used a vanilla bean in it, and those are expensive. >_<

The thyme is doing very well, the onions are about the same, and there are now two or three lavender sproutlets. :3

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.....That is one freakish dog.

Or possibly very good bread. Everyone knows that you should do whatever you can for good bread, even Anna.

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THERE WAS FRIED CHICKEN. RIGHT THERE ON THE COUNTER WITH THE BREAD. SHE LEFT IT. DDDDD: WHY IS MY LIFE SO HARD? (And the upshot is that I now have fried chicken, which I can't eat, and no bread, which I can. FML.)